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Dr. Anthony Calzaretto offers a selection of Educational Workshops
and Lecture Series to Corporations, Small Businesses
Social and Group Functions. 

Dr. Calzaretto will come to your location and deliver a very powerful,educational and motivational class.

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We also have workshops available throughout the month at our center.  These classes are free but we do require reservations. Please call or email us to register.

Health Solutions (Every Monday)
This is an introductory workshop program to assist patients, family members and friends in a basic understanding of the relationship of the Spine & nervous system to one’s overall health and wellness.

Biggest Loser Challenge
This is an exciting interactive 6 month program that involves both the doctor and the participants. We initiate the program with a high intensity introduction workshop that includes all the necessary materials and guidance to assist the participant during the entire course. The class meets every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm – 7:00pm. We have weigh-ins, review the weekly planner and discuss specific topics in order to maximize each participant’s goals throughout the program. Each participant’s personal information is held in the utmost confidential manner; only the lecture topics are discussed openly at the workshop.

Stress Management & Relaxation
This program offers simple and applicable techniques to utilize in a day-to-day environment that will directly reduce stress and ease the mental and physical strain on our body and well-being. This program will give you the tools to live a healthier productive life style through positive inspirational and motivational techniques.

Diet and Nutrition
This workshop will give you the basic understanding of how vitamins work!! It will explain how the body utilizes Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats & Minerals. We also explain how we should properly combine our foods in order to optimize digestion. We explain the causes of disease and many of the physical disorders related to poor dietary practices and what steps you could take to correct this and live a healthier and more productive life style.

Exercise & Fitness
This program will assist the novice to the committed enthusiast. We discuss programs for: weight loss, tone & endurance and Bulk & strength. We review the preexercise procedures, which we incorporate in our workshops to reduce injuries and optimize results during your individual training program. This workshop is a dynamite program designed for every type of individual interested in getting result with their exercise program.

Total Mind & Body Conditioning
This program integrates mind & body conditioning through mental exercises, PMA, nutrition & fitness techniques. A dynamic workshop for young adults.

Mommy & Me Workshop
This program offers a understanding of fetal and childhood development up to 5 years of age. A hands on workshop on infant massage and immune support is integrated with the lecture.

Children’s Spinal Awareness
An educational and interactive program offered to our youth. We present anatomy and physiology with the spine and nervous system. We simulate the function of the nervous system through interactive games and drills involving the kids.

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