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The best way to help others understand chiropractic care is to share your personal experience with them.

Sharon ChristyJune 13, 2008
Age: 59
Sex: Female

I initially presented to the office of Calzaretto Chiropractic Center with lower back pain. This began when I was doing yard work. My symptoms were restricted movement and pain in my low back. I tried ibuprofen for pain relief.

My daughter-in-law referred me for chiropractic care. Dr. Ryan did an examination and recommended electrical muscle stimulation, ice, and adjustment and ice therapy at home for 20 minutes each evening. He also suggested taking it easy and keeping my feet elevated higher than my head at night along with icing my lower back. The chiropractic treatment provided was very satisfactory. I have recommended chiropractic care to my friends and customers at work. After a few visits and treatments, the results were very satisfactory.

I hereby give permission for all or any part of my story to be reproduced with or without my name, address, and photograph and to be used in the interest of telling others about the benefits of chiropractic care.


Sharon Christy

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  • We have had chiropractic care for well over 35 years & we both totally believe in the benefits of having steady treatments. After many years we felt the need to find a different practice, and we found Calzaretto Chiropractic Center. Since we are Sr. citizens change does not come easy, however after coming into the office, meeting the staff & Dr. Ryan, having an adjustment, and just getting the feel of the office in general we are TOTALLY sure we made the right choice. We are both feeling much better & plan to keep feeling better with continued monthly (if not more frequent) visits.

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