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Tuesday 01/26/2010 from 7-8p.m.

Help Yourself Fight The Flu


Ask The Doctor About Our Immune Building Techniques

Our immune system is a unique mechanism which is strengthened by the natural presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. These elements stimulate our body’s immune system to create life-long natural antibodies against these foreign invaders. The efficiency and effectiveness of your immune system is solely dependent on your of state of mental, nutritional and physical well being.

I would like to share with you the benefits of Chiropractic Care and natural home remedies with the main objective of becoming viral-resistant.

Chiropractic Care:

Spinal adjustments: By removing subluxations (spinal misalignments), which interfere with the channels of communication from the brain to all tissues of the body, our immune system responds to foreign elements, viruses, and bacteria in a more efficient manner. Studies have proven that Chiropractic Adjustments increase the white blood cell response in assisting our body’s natural defense against these foreign invaders.

Glandular and Lymphatic Massage:

Skilled manual techniques applied to the glandular tissues of the body, facilitate the movement and elimination of the infection from the body, while creating natural antibodies against the viruses.

Aroma Therapy and Massage Oils:

Thieves: Proven effective as an extremely potent antiviral oil; placed on specific acupressure and glandular points to assist the body in its natural defenses against viruses.

Raven: Antibacterial and bronchodilator is used effectively for respiratory infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Home Remedy Techniques:

Blood pH is tested at our office with litmus paper which detects your level of alkalinity. Your body is disease-resistant when your pH is about 6.5 to 7 which is an alkaline environment for the body. Disease proliferates in an acidic environment of 6.0 or less. You can help increase your body pH by consuming fresh raw fruits and vegetables and reducing your intake of processed foods such as refined sugars and artificial beverages.

Supplements & Antioxidants:

Aid the body in the removal of free radicals that weaken our cells and our immune system. We receive antioxidants from supplements like Resveratrol, ACE and Selenium, vitamin D3, omega 3 and 6 and our multivitamins.

Physical Exercise:

Moderate forms of stretches, a walking program and calisthenics aid the body’s movement of blood and lymph which boosts our natural immunity and defensive mechanism against disease.

Mental Conditioning:

We can optimize our body’s ability in fighting infection and strengthening our immunity through our state of mental health. It has been proven that blood pH becomes acidic while in a depressed state. Maintaining a healthy mental attitude through inspirational and motivational books, tapes, hobbies and events that you enjoy has a direct impact on the state and quality of your immune system.

– Dr. Antony Calzaretto

Summer is here!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer months with family & friends.

Vacationing does not mean to vacation from health & fitness. There are independant programs that you can implement while traveling. The most effective for fitness & conditioning is stretches & calisthenics.

Start with the upper body then lower body stretches.  Remember to hold a stretch for at least 60 Seconds.You only need to stretch a single body part once! Then move onto the next region.  After you are properly stretched then it is time to begin your calesthetic workout:

  • Sit-ups
  • pushups
  • squats
  • lunges
  • pull-up
  • chin-ups

I recommend each performed as one set to exhaustion.

The next item is nutritional intake.  We want to be able to enjoy a healthy and energetic summer vacation with proper nutritional food intake.

First, understand food and the importance of proper food combinations and structured intake times.

Fruit is highly beneficial to the digestive system in the morning hours of the day.  Eat fruit as your first course.  Within 20 minutes it completes its digestion and begins to supply the body with nutrition.

Breakfast / Lunch & Dinner always remember to properly combine your meals.

Never combine protein and carbohydrates since this slows down the digestive process.

Meat with vegetables or vegetables with carbohydrates.

Drink water as a natural method of hydration!

Enjoying the summer months through proper exercise and nutrition compliments a healthy lifestyle.

Yours In Health,
Anthony Calzaretto, D.C.

Fitness Challenge for 2009

June 24th of this month will be our last scheduled Annual Fitness Challenge for 2009.

Our topic of discussion will be: “Become Disease & Cancer Resistant”
We will be introducing New technology in Health, Nutrition and instrumentation that will enhance the bodies natural immunity and create a power house for the body to defend itself against the many natural and chemical invaders that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
Learn the fundamentals of fighting disease through:
Physical fitness
Mental awareness
Join us on the last Wednesday in June 06/24/2009 at 6:30pm
Register by contacting Brittany at 856-667-0505
Friends & Family are welcome!
Yours In Health,
Dr. Anthony Calzaretto

How to Relieve Stress!!

Presenting Guest Speaker:

Susan Cannis RN CMT



Topic: How to Relieve Stress!!


When: Wednesday, May 27th


Time: 6:30 – 7:30


Where: Calzaretto Chiropractic Center Playa Del Sol Clubhouse


Seating is limited and guests are welcome

Please register in advance


To register for this lecture please contact

Brittany at 856-667-0505