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Stress Management


TIPS on how to De-Stress your life!!!  

  • Breath! : One of the most important things you can do!!
  • Exercise! : Walk your dog outside! Play with you kids! Jog in the Park! Yoga! Gym!
  • Take time for yourself!! : In our busy world, take a moment each day and focus on YOU!!
  • Prayer!! : Whatever your beliefs, cultivate your own spirituality and grow in faith!!
  • Share your days with a friend, family member or co-worker!! : Talk to friends about your life and listen to theirs!!
  • Clean out your life!! : Organize the house, clean the bathroom, eliminate ALL clutter and build up in every area of your life!!  It’s good for you!!
  • Avoid caffeine!!
  • Don’t procrastinate!! : You’ll just be more stressed later on!!
  • Don’t let yourself worry!! Don’t sweat the small stuff!! : Everything will work out how it is meant to work out!!

Stimulate your Senses!!

  1. Sight: Meditate on a calming scene in nature (ocean, mountains, forestry)
  2. Sounds: Listen to relaxing music
  3. Taste: Cook and eat healthy well-balanced meals!  Take the time to enjoy you meals!
  4. Smell: Use Essential oils to sooth your mind
  5. Touch: Massage your muscles, reduce built up tensions

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Remember: It’s not the situation that is stressful, but your perspective of the situation.


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Our New Website


We are developing a new website to keep you informed about things happening at our office and with Chiropractic Care in general.  Feel free to browse around as our new site takes shape.

-Dr Calzaretto