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Give Yourself a Raging Case of Cancer

This article discusses “how to give yourself a raging case of cancer.” It could be breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or even something like leukemia. By following the instructions in this article, you can give yourself almost any form of cancer desirable and if you pursue these strategies to their fullest potential, you could end up with several different forms of cancer all at once. So, let’s get started and learn how to give yourself cancer.

If you’re aiming for a raging case of cancer, the first thing you’ve got to do is start consuming food ingredients that actually promote cancer. One of the most powerful cancer-promoting food ingredients of all is called sodium nitrate. This is an ingredient that is added to virtually all packaged meat products including hot dogs, pepperoni, ham, lunchmeat and other similar products. You’ll also find it in bacon, sausages and most breakfast meats. It’s listed right on the ingredients labels of all of these foods. In order to find sodium nitrate, all you have to do is walk around the grocery store, read the ingredients labels of various packaged meat products and purchase those products that contain it. Then, consume them on a frequent basis and before long, you will greatly increase your odds of being diagnosed with cancer.

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Summer is here!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer months with family & friends.

Vacationing does not mean to vacation from health & fitness. There are independant programs that you can implement while traveling. The most effective for fitness & conditioning is stretches & calisthenics.

Start with the upper body then lower body stretches.  Remember to hold a stretch for at least 60 Seconds.You only need to stretch a single body part once! Then move onto the next region.  After you are properly stretched then it is time to begin your calesthetic workout:

  • Sit-ups
  • pushups
  • squats
  • lunges
  • pull-up
  • chin-ups

I recommend each performed as one set to exhaustion.

The next item is nutritional intake.  We want to be able to enjoy a healthy and energetic summer vacation with proper nutritional food intake.

First, understand food and the importance of proper food combinations and structured intake times.

Fruit is highly beneficial to the digestive system in the morning hours of the day.  Eat fruit as your first course.  Within 20 minutes it completes its digestion and begins to supply the body with nutrition.

Breakfast / Lunch & Dinner always remember to properly combine your meals.

Never combine protein and carbohydrates since this slows down the digestive process.

Meat with vegetables or vegetables with carbohydrates.

Drink water as a natural method of hydration!

Enjoying the summer months through proper exercise and nutrition compliments a healthy lifestyle.

Yours In Health,
Anthony Calzaretto, D.C.

Work Smart, Stay Healthy

Prepare YourselfApril showers bring May flowers!

Well, it seems that we have been getting lots of rain which equates to high growth and you said it, yard work.  Remember to play smart and prepare for your house hold chores just like you prepare for a sport.  Warm up with simple jumping jacks.  Follow this with stretches for both the upper and lower body.  As the weather gets warmer, take the appropriate water breaks in order to properly hydrate the body.  Pace yourself throughout your day.  Typically, during the spring season chores we must adapt our bodies to take on the physical stress or else you may suffer the physical reprisals the next day.
Remember to stretch after your daily activities are completed.  This enhances the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons while helping the body filter out the build-up of lactic acid from the muscular activity developed throughout the day.
Treat your body like an athlete, maintain a healthy spinal alignment through Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments & integrate a holistic therapeutic massage to assist the body in the natural healing process.
Live Healthy and have fun!!
Dr. Anthony Calzaretto

Spring is here!



Spring has SprungSpring is upon us.  Time to shed the heavy coats and clothes, and possibly a few extra pounds that kept us warm throughout the winter.  It’s also a time for baseball, softball and tennis.  Also, time to start working on the lawn and garden.  Maybe even some spring-cleaning around your house. 


In other words, it’s the time of year when we become more active.  With this increased activity, comes the increased chance of injury.  Let’s face it, most of us hibernate over the winter.  Then we jump right into springtime activities and our bodies pay the price.


Here at Calzaretto Chiropractic Center, we want to make sure you’re properly prepared to take on the increased activities of spring, and survive to talk about it.  Just as you prepare your car for the changing of the seasons, we recommend that you prepare your body as well.  So, we invite you to make an appointment in our office to “tune up” your body for your springtime activities.  Also, if you wish to shed a few winter pounds, we can assist you.


Please call us at:  856-667-0505 to schedule your appointment!

Loved Ones Who are Sick

17 Natural Ways to Comfort
Your Loved One Who is Sick or Dying

The person who is sick or dying has simple yet special needs. All of their senses are extremely heightened so they are very sensitive to most things. You can offer modest measures that can be very effective.

Anyone can easily offer comfort and care to their loved ones in this situation.

Please do not underestimate the impact of these
~17 Natural Ways~

1. Clear and straighten the environment
A cluttered environment creates obstacles for movement and can be an unknown source of stress. Have bedsides and surrounding area clear from unnecessary clutter.

2. Control the room Temperature
Most people who are sick or dying have lowered body temperature. A warmer environment or an extra blanket can make a difference in comfort levels.

3. Adjust the lighting in the room
Offer soft diffuse preferable natural light during the day and low lighting in the evening. Avoid a dark environment.

4. Place meaningful mementos and photos of loves ones within their view
The meaning of momentous occasions and loved ones are often the most important things to people when they are sick or dying. Objects and photos that represent people and occasions are a great comfort.

5. Lightly spray or diffuse essential oils in their environment
Essential oils such as lavender and citrus can have a calming and peaceful effect. Mix a few drops with distilled water in a spray bottle to spray the air, or diffuse with a cold air diffuser made specifically for aromatherapy use. Be certain not to use perfume or perfume grade oils. Use only therapeutic grade essential oils. To create a more spiritual environment, use oils from ancient scripture such as Frankincense.

6. Play soft music or natural sounds
Pleasant natural sounds can offer comfort. Singing birds or running water can be a source of peaceful relaxation. Use music that is soft and unobtrusive.

7. Use clean soft cotton sheets on bedding
Using 100 percent cotton sheets that have a high thread count are gentler on the body than sheets that have polyester. Cotton sheets breathe more than other materials and are more comfortable to the person who is sick or dying, especially if they are having fluctuations in body temperature. The most ideal sheets to use are organic cotton with a high thread count.

8. Wipe face and eyes with warm, moistened, soft washcloth
This can feel so wonderful to the person who is bedridden. Offer it more than once or twice a day.

9. Help them to look presentable, and let them know that they do
No matter how sick someone is, and even if they are dying, there is a certain part of them that is still in touch with how they look to others. See that their hair Is combed and they are comfortably groomed for how they feel. Let them know that they look okay.

10. Offer Sips of water
Adequate hydration is a comfort measure as well as a physical need. People who are sick or dying are often not aware of their needs for fluids, and their thirst signals may not be as active. A well hydrated person, no matter what state of health they are in, is more comfortable.

11. Offer and provide Nourishment
When people are sick and dying they may not be in touch with their desire to eat. Nutrition is important for bodily functions. A well nourished person, at any state of health, is more comfortable.

12. Hold their Hand
Holding a persons hand who is sick or dying is a very simple yet powerful gesture to let them know that you are present with them.

13. Hold or rib their feet
Feet provide access to their entire body through reflex points. Whether you offer a gentle foot massage or just hold their feet- both offer comfort.

14. Clear their energy field
A simple measure of using your hands to clear and balance the energy field of the person who is sick or dying is frequently able to make someone from a level of discomfort to comfort. Place both of your hands approximately 3 inches off their body and move your hands In a short sweeping motions downwards. Start at the head and move toward the feet.

15. Gently brush their brow with a light touch
Touching someone’s forehead can offer great comfort to them. People often touch their own foreheads when they feel distressed or unwell. Using a gental touch to the forehead of someone who is sick or dying is a natural thing to do. Placing your hand and keeping it there, or lightly brushing their brow can offer comfort.

16. Listen
Listen to the words of the person who is sick or dying, and listen to the silence as well. Avoid being overly talkative to them just to fill in the quite gaps.

17. Create and maintain harmonious
The person who is sick or dying is very sensitive to the energy between people in their own environment. Work to create and maintain harmony among family members and friends, especially those people in their immediate environment.

(By: Marilee Tolen RN, HNC founder of Peaceful Passages)